Remembering Jen

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write today. Earlier today I received a text from my dear friend Lauren telling me that her sister Jennifer had gone to be with our good Lord. Jen’s 1.5 year battle with leukemia had finally ended. We mourn the loss of a loving daughter, sister, wife and friend; yet, we rejoice knowing that she is in heaven, that her pain and struggles are gone.

When I think about Jennifer’s life, I remember her laugh – such a wonderful, joyous laugh that made you ask, “What? Why are you laughing?” because you wanted to laugh, too. I remember how much she loved her family – how protective she was of her younger sisters. Proudly owning the role of oldest sibling, she was the responsible, motherly voice of reason for Lauren and Lindsey. She always went to bat for them – even if she didn’t condone their actions. I knew Jen was strong, but I had no idea how strong until this past year. She fought a good fight. She pressed on. She held firm to the faith.

As I sit her and celebrate her life through tear filled eyes, there are so many scriptures that come to my mind. Each one is so powerful, yet were I to write them all, I would surely be typing for days. The one message that I find most fitting with Christmas a mere 4 days away is how blessed we are to not have to say goodbye to Jennifer. By the grace of God, I can rejoice and say, “Jen, I will meet you in heaven. Oh, glorious day when all my tears are wiped away and we will together forever worship our Father.”

Dear Father,

In remembering Jen’s life, may we bring honor and glory to You – may we bow down and worship You – may we give thanks to You – may we praise You evermore – for You so loved – You sent a Savior to this earth – that we may be saved from the woes of this earth – that we may endure through our momentary troubles – that we may hope for our future. Praise be to You, oh gracious and mighty God. All thanks and praise be to You for this indescribable gift.

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